Prepare For Ghana Trip

How To Prepare For Your Trip To Ghana
Destiny Volunteers: volunteer work in Ghana, Africa

Fill in the application form or email us if you have any questions.
Apply for your visa from the Ghanaian embassy in your home country. We provide visa application assistance to all our volunteers. Volunteer cost ranges from the duration. $500 for 3 weeks and you can volunteer from 1 week to a year or more. Volunteers pay $50 non-refundable for reservation and pay the rest of the total cost on arrival before the start of the project.

Destiny Volunteers, travel advice:

  • Have a document that states that you will participate in voluntary work in Ghana. (We will provide you with this document after you have applied)
  • You will need a passport that is valid for up to two years after your entry to Ghana
  • Fill and submit the visa application form in BLOCK CAPITAL letters
  • You will need a certificate of your Yellow Fever vaccination to enter the country
  • You will need proof of your return ticket.

For more information on Ghana’s entry requirements please see the website of the Ghana embassy in your country.

  • Book your flight to Accra – Ghana’s capital.
  • Volunteers should arrive a day before the project starts and if you want to arrive some days earlier before the camp date let us know to arrange accommodation for you.
  • Sometimes a ’round-the-world’ ticket is cheaper so please check this when buying your plane ticket.
  • To find the most reasonable fare, Destiny Volunteers would suggest you try the following websites:
    (check their ‘Lowest Airfare Guarantee’ Policy). Only if needed.
  • All volunteers must obtain comprehensive travel insurance prior to departure, which includes a comprehensive policy that covers medical repatriation to your country of residence.

DESTINY VOLUNTEERS do expect you to be free from any criminal convictions and have an open mind and a good interest in the culture of Ghana and in the project you choose to work for.

Important Check-List For Your Trip To Ghana
Destiny volunteers: volunteer work in Ghana, Africa

  • International volunteers are required to apply for a visa in order to enter Ghana.
    Please organize this WELL IN ADVANCE of your visit.
  • Please visit your local travel clinic/doctor to obtain the various vaccines that you will need for your time spent in Ghana. You will also need to buy anti-malarial tablets for your entire stay.
  • You will need comprehensive travel insurance.

What To Bring As A Volunteer In Ghana
Destiny Volunteers: volunteer work in Ghana, Africa

  • Bring a mosquito net with you (preferably an impregnated one).
  • Remember to arrange to take malaria tablets with and insect repellents, especially those containing DEET.
  • A portable sleeping mattress (although the organization will provide mattresses if necessary).
  • Clothes for warm weather but long-sleeves for the evening to prevent mosquito bites. Wearing light coloured clothing also helps stop bites.
  • A small personal medical kit, containing any medication you personally need and other useful items such as band-aids, antiseptics wipes, headache-pills, indigestion tablets, anti-diarrhea and (importantly) rehydration sachets.
  • A knife, fork, spoon and bowl/plate to eat from.
  • Sun cream and sun hat.
  • A towel and eco-friendly hair shampoo and shower gel.
  • US dollars, GB pounds and Euros for transport spending money etc. We suggest that you bring a VISA or MASTERCARD credit card to withdraw cash, and you may also like to bring travellers’ cheques.

Destiny Volunteers: volunteer work in Ghana, Africa
If necessary, Destiny Volunteers will provide you with a recommendation letter to obtain your visa for your voluntary placement. Volunteer cost ranges from the duration. $500 for 3 weeks and you can volunteer from 1 week to a year or more. Volunteers pay $50 non-refundable for reservation and pay the rest of the total cost on arrival.

At the airport: Destiny Volunteers representatives will meet you outside Accra airport (only airport officials are allowed inside). You will see them, as they will be holding a sign of Destiny Volunteers OR your name.

We will provide you with food (3x daily), transport within the project, accommodation, training, entertainment and a committed camp leader. Accommodation during your stay will be as one of the following;

  • Host family home stays
  • Stay with a single Ghanaian
  • Camping system

Those who choose to stay in hostel/hotel accommodation will need to contribute more funds to cover this cost. However, to help nurture cross-cultural exchange, we recommend host family home stays for our volunteers.

We will contact your high commission/embassy to inform them of your visit. Although Ghana is a peaceful country, each volunteer will have access to 24-hour assistance in case of emergency. We also request that you act as good ambassadors for Destiny Volunteers by upholding good conduct throughout your stay in Ghana. Volunteers should remember that they are in an unfamiliar country and should be more alert to their actions and the actions of others than if they were at home.

Photocopies should be taken of relevant documents and your passport should be kept safe at all times or given to Destiny Volunteers staff to keep for you if you wish.

Money: It is best to withdraw money from the numerous cash machines in Accra on your arrival in Ghana. Do not to take too much money out at one time. We will give you the necessary information about the Ghanaian currency (cedis) equivalent to the dollar, pounds, euro and others. You may choose to keep part of your money with Destiny Volunteers staff (in our office safe) to use later if necessary.

There are many bureau de exchanges in the main cities of Ghana and banks for you to exchange Travelers’ Cheques. If needed, people from home can quickly and safely transfer money to you via Western Union.

Culture exchange: As well as the opportunity to volunteer and contribute to elevating suffering amongst the poor communities in Ghana, you will also have the opportunity to learn from your Ghanaian counterparts about their culture and heritage. We will also help you learn about Ghanaian culture through the experience of songs, drama, drumming, stories and more. Destiny Volunteers staff will make themselves available for any reasonable assistance needed.

Entertainment: It is a very important that as a volunteer you are able to refresh yourself after a hard days work. Free time is available in the evening and on weekend to experience Ghanaian culture and entertainment.

Ghana Trip
Ghana Trip
Leadership: Volunteers will elect among themselves leaders for the following; group field leader, general field leader, cook, entertainment, health, and general camp leader who will be appointed by the organization.

Dressing Code: The appropriate dressing at work places is very important. Please remember that you are representing your country and to keep attire modest. We recommend you wear smart casual clothing with shoes or sandals.
After your voluntary project or at weekends: We strongly encourage volunteers to travel in Ghana to tour our numerous tourist attractions, but only after volunteering. If you are going to travel afterwards then you should be aware that Destiny Volunteers responsibility for you finishes at the end of your placement. We advise all volunteers who wish to go on tour, to tour with Ghana Tour Consult.

If necessary, you can contact us to help you in arranging your visa or extending your placement visa whilst in Ghana.

Ghana Trip
Ghana Trip